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Metaphors in The Monkeys Paw Essays

Illustrations in The Monkeys Paw Essays Illustrations in The Monkeys Paw Essay Illustrations in The Monkeys Paw Essay Toward the beginning of the story, the essayist says, â€Å"blinds were drawn, and the fire consumed brightly.† This gives the feeling that the air is warm, comfortable. It additionally shows that the house is brimming with fun, discussion, and giggling. We can see that the White family is getting a charge out of each other’s organization. Messing around; engaging a visitor; eating. The air mirrors the adoration and love between the family unit individuals. After Mr. White makes his desire the essayist expressed, â€Å"a quietness unordinary and discouraging chose each of the three, which went on until the old couple rose to resign for the remainder of the night.† Then the air in the house changes significantly for the more regrettable. It turns out to be exceptionally peaceful, shocking and grim in the house. The monkey’s paw has just begun to affect the satisfaction of the White family. The environment in the house mirrors the sentiments of vulnerability and premonition in the relatives. After Herbert’s passing, the author says that â€Å"the murkiness was oppressive† The house has become a position of sadness and hopelessness. Dark and evil climate invades the house. It is cool, discouraging and loaded with distress. The climate in the house mirrors the anguish and agony of Mr. also, Mrs. White. Toward the beginning of the story, the author says, â€Å"blinds were drawn, and the fire consumed brightly.† This gives the feeling that the climate is warm, comfortable. It additionally shows that the house is brimming with fun, discussion, and giggling. We can see that the White family is getting a charge out of each other’s organization. Messing around; engaging a visitor; eating. The environment mirrors the adoration and friendship between the relatives. After Mr. White makes his desire the author expressed, â€Å"a quiet irregular and discouraging chose each of the three, which went on until the old couple rose to resign for the remainder of the night.† Then the environment in the house changes drastically for the more regrettable. It turns out to be exceptionally peaceful,

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Key Elements of HR Strategy

Question: Depict about the Key Elements of HR Strategy? Answer: Presentation: In mid twentieth century, the idea of human asset joined Frederick Taylor. It was Taylor who investigated the logical meaning of the executives (Klikauer, n.d.). So as to improve the financial strength in occupations identified with assembling industry, Taylor featured work as one of the guideline contribution to assembling process. At that point the exploration on Human Resource developed from Elton Mayo to Abraham Maslow, Max Webber, Kurt Lewin David Mc-Clelland and Frederick Herzberg(McGuire, Garavan and Dooley, 2012). Today Human Resource is known as the arrangement of people who together makes the Organizations workforce of an economy or business area. Today human asset is considered as Human Capital (Mayo, 2012). Work force the executives has been supplanted by the term Human Resource Management. Human Resource Management is a reasonable and key idea acquainted with and Organizations the executives. Today the Human asset the executives is considered as the most esteemed resource of an association. Nature of Human asset 1. The HR is viewed as the inherent piece of an association: during the time spent administration, human asset the board tags along. All the supervisors of an association play out this capacity instead of simply the staff administrators just (Stead, 2014). The essential duty is embraced by a supervisor so as to get the best out of the individuals of the association. 2. The inescapable assignments of a HR: Human asset the executives is thinking about performing one of the ubiquitous capacities in an administration. These sorts of duties are given to an administrator not to hand over to some other individual. The hr is liable for help in overseeing individuals, making sure about exhortation, overseeing specialists of uncommon capability in modern relations and work force the executives (Bach and Edwards, 2013). 3. Human asset is considered as a premise of an establishment: the human asset mix all the center zones of an administration, for example, money related administration, showcasing the board, calculated administration and creation activity the executives (Bohlander and Snell, 2004). This implies work force capacities are acted in each division. 4. The Human Resource is about individuals driven undertakings: the human asset the executives is pertinent in a wide range of association being individuals driven methodology (Notter and Grant, 2011). The mechanical venture are separated into different levels, they are: an) industrial: manual is simply a word related arrangement. They are recognized specialists who accomplish work physically. Thus different sorts are known as white collars, whose activity is progressively proficient. Hands on individuals need to do tasks with the assistance of their physical capacities. Certain industrial individuals need to talented for a specific activity (Lavelle, 2012). Many industrial individuals perform undertakings which are anything but difficult to do and require less expertise. For instance blue collars on Hotel industry are handymen, mechanics, auxiliary specialists and circuit testers significantly. b) Managerial and Supervisory faculty: the administrative or the expert errand is performed by the white collars whose works are done by and large in an office desk area. There is additionally another arrangement of representatives who are named as Pink Collar who plays out the activity of communicating with the client (, 2015) For instance in a Hotel Industry the administrative or the expert specialists are the head supervisor, the deals and official director of an inn, the HR administrator and so forth. c) Non-proficient faculty: Workers with low ability and almost no experience are known as non proficient specialists. The administrative laborers that require low expertise in an inn can be one of the models for non proficient specialists. consistent procedure: The elements of human asset are not a one-shot procedure. It requires consistent endeavors and achievement to easily accomplish the objectives of an association. Destinations: The essential goal of this examination is to build up that any association ought to remember its corporate system for terms of its human asset scene. It centers around what a HR ought to guarantee as the key components for HR procedure usage. However, more than getting some answers concerning what is the key technique; lets have a look at the elements of a HR: Enrollment: the spotters or authorities on livelihoods (experts) achievement lie in the time and the quantity of positions being filled. The enrollment specialists are credited for making a sound workforce in an association. Preparing and advancement: the businesses or the scouts must give the devices to progress. They are direction preparing, a prologue to the activity profile, and to see whether the new representatives are getting to know the hierarchical culture. Wellbeing: it is energetically prescribed for HR chiefs to guarantee security and security of a representative in the association. In that unique circumstance, one of the essential elements of a HR is to order logs for casualty detailing and work environment wounds. Remuneration and advantages: the HR chief needs to keep up a database famously known as HRIS (human asset Information System) so as to track the representatives. This aides in having a record of the representatives, their presentation and their remuneration. Regardless of whether they got their compensation in a month, or motivation theyve earned. Regardless of whether any representative had a compensation increase or not. Representative relations: for the most part most association faces a unionized workplace, the work and worker relations work in took care of by the HR administrator. Worker relations are the HR limitation which is worried about increase of the business representative relationship through assessing work fulfillment, worker settling working environment struggle and commitment. Consistence: the HR faculty need to stay up to date with all the legitimate privileges of the workers, so future clashes never clear a way. Rebelliousness may bring about out of line business rehearses, general disappointment with workplace and hazardous states of working which will eventually prompt low efficiency and benefit. These are the essential capacities that a HR supervisor needs to perform. In regard to corporate technique HR chiefs have their key task to carry out. The accompanying conversation continues in regard to a Hotel Industry where accommodation part is more extensive in idea. The difficulties of HR in system execution: The administration of giving convenience is known as Hospitality, and the circle where these sorts of exercises are done is known as Hospitality industry. The upheaval of accommodation began with Ability Shortages: there are sure broad qualities that are required for representatives under Hospitality the board however then explicit aptitudes are additionally required in friendliness the board (Baum, 2012). Ex: so as to be a gourmet specialist like Pete Evans, one requires certain aptitudes like they should have enthusiasm for nourishments and great taste buds. Initiative and correspondence is likewise another kind of capability which is additionally required in administrative level in pretty much every industry. Ex: the absence of initiative quality is another explanation of the ruin of Lehman Brothers. Denied profitability execution: efficiency matters, if the house keeping administrations observes a serious low efficiency, similar to low reliability, absence of enthusiasm for work and so on may bring about grumblings from client (Boella and Goss-Turner, 2013). Also on the off chance that the laborers of a vehicle industry make low profitability, at that point the yield gets influenced. Ex low efficiency of airplane specialists may prompt airplane specialized shortcoming. Change in standards of the Organization. Aside from fundamental Ethics of the organization, certain Organization may change its daily schedule or standards; all things considered the HR needs to modify its approaches in like manner. Changing job of Government: Government has been a central point for inn industry. Lodging industry is an indispensable piece of the travel industry; thusly on the off chance that the administration changes the travel industry standards, at that point it is likely for an inn to submit to it (, 2015). Consequently the HR division needs to stay up with change job of Government. This additionally influences massively in import and fare industry moreover. HR systems of Hospitality the executives: The key friendliness human asset the executives is another setting that investigates human asset in the special condition of Hospitality and lodging the executives (, 2015). To actualize a viable human asset apparatus, gifted cordiality chiefs and administrators with high capability and strong establishing are brought under one rooftop (Hayes Niemeyer, 2009). As the worldwide economy is confronting flimsiness around the world, the dynamic assignment has become as quick as conceivable procedure. Legitimate arranging: ventures which require an enormous measure of collaboration with its clients all through 24 hours and for 365 days has not many possibilities for additional achievement. For a considerable length of time it has been named as individuals staffing, faculty and workforce improvement and as of late HR. The duty stays like each staff size. Today the HR supervisory group requires being acceptable communicators to effectively pass on their message. They additionally should have the quality to work under monstrous tension since emergency wins in each circumstance. This emergency can be sorted like specialized issues, staffing lack and so on. The key components of HR technique in Hotel industry are: 1. Adjusting the hierarchical and Human Resource necessities: the business key objectives stays at the center of HR strategy and so as to combine the authoritative and requirements of Human asset an inquiry emerges, does the interior capacities of the association accomplishes its business objective? The HR staff are frequently reprimanded of not appreciating the business objectives and its prerequisites. In inn industry it is a significant errand of HR faculty. The HR needs to ensure the general labor efficiency is a central point of profitabilit

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Writing an Extended Essay on Chemistry I

Writing an Extended Essay on Chemistry IThe purpose of this article is to provide some tips for writing an extended essay topic on chemistry I. As you know, the purpose of a topic statement is to set the stage for an extended essay. The topic also serves as a guide for how to organize the rest of the essay.The topic that you choose for your chemistry I will make a difference in the quality of your essay. Since chemistry I am such a general subject matter, it should be no surprise that the topic must fit a wide range of topics. It also may be a good idea to use the same topic as the introduction of the essay and the conclusion.If the topic is biology, then it will be necessary to use biology throughout the essay. If the topic is in fact, chemistry, then the topic may be used in different places, but it will be essential to use chemistry throughout the essay. To make it more interesting, choose topics that are related to chemistry I, which will further distinguish the topic from the re st of the essay.When writing the topic, write down your topic as a list of words or sentence structures. Then decide where in the essay to place your topic.It may also be helpful to include your own categories in the topic. This will help you organize the essay and make it more pleasing to read. For example, if you are writing an essay about polar bears and snowflakes, you can then define the polar bear as a creature that is native to the Arctic or the Southern Hemisphere. Then you can then differentiate polar bears from snowflakes by the colors they are in.Writing your topic as a topic is important to do so that the reader will understand how to use the information in the essay. Make sure that the reader knows what kind of topic is required to begin the extended essay. It can also help with deciding how to organize the rest of the essay.Before beginning any extended essay, I always look at the main body of the essay before I start on the contents. Since you are writing an extended essay on chemistry I, make sure that you will only use those words that apply to your topic. Using unfamiliar words can make it seem like the essay is too broad, when in fact it could end up looking a lot better.To summarize, writing an extended essay on chemistry I am important. Find a topic that is related to the subject and then go over the content with a fine tooth comb, turning it into an interesting and engaging essay.

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Design of a Baseball - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 2 Words: 477 Downloads: 7 Date added: 2019/04/02 Category Sports Essay Level High school Tags: Baseball Essay Did you like this example? The forces going with or against a baseball change the way that baseball is played and change the design of a baseball. Drag can be described as the wind or air resistance against an object. There are 2 types of drag: pressure drag and skin friction drag. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Design of a Baseball" essay for you Create order Both forces could be working on a baseball but with this experiment only pressure drag will be working against the baseball because the baseball will not be touching the ground until it is stopped on the ground. Pressure drag is caused with the air particles slowing the object down. They slow the object down by being more compressed or together at the front of the object but more spaced out at the back of the object. Behind the object there is a low- pressure zone which an example of this is in northern states it is easier to hit homeruns and easier for the ball to move faster because of the thinner air. FD=1/2CDApV2 is the equation to find the drag of an object. FD is the drag force, CD is the drag coefficient the lower the number is the less the drag will be on the object. A circular object has 1.12 CD. A is the front area of the object, p is the density of air, and V is the speed the object is travelling in m/s. If aerodynamic drag could be virtually eliminated, then everything could be going at a much higher speed. A force is a vector which means it is a movement going in a specific direction. There are three forces working on an object, but the one that is holding it back is drag. Lift and drag work together on a baseball during different pitches like the knuckleball which moves in a circular motion. Drag only works through a fluid like gas or liquid. Drag is also a mechanical force and not a field force because it is not created by gravity or any kind of field like that. Drag mainly affects the center of gravity or center of mass of an object. Gravity is a force that everyone has to experience every day, and based on the mass of the object, the more weight the object has. The acceleration due to gravity on earth is 9.81m/s squared. Every object has gravity but based on its size its gravity can vary. Gravity has an effect on everything and the more weight something has the more gravity will have an effect on it. Gravity pulls everything toward itself which is what keeps the universe in order and what keeps everyone from floating off in space. The more force an object has going forward the less it will go to the ground or it will have a less effect on it until it slows down. Gravity exists between two different masses pulling against each other.

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Jewish Immigration And The United States - 1443 Words

Throughout the 1800s and early 19th century, Jews continually emigrated from Europe to America. The most recent and significant episode of Jewish immigration to the United States was motivated by fear of the fascist Nazi regime that was quickly expanding throughout Europe. Jews fled to America and dispersed throughout cities and communities, escaping anti-Semitism and exploitation. America’s respect for equality and individual freedom allowed Jews to freely practice their faith, without fear of being persecuted. The United States government holds the Constitution in high esteem—the Modern Hebrew word for the United States is â€Å"Artzot haBrit† which literally means â€Å"The Lands of the Covenant.† This serves as evidence that America places the written law above all individuals, and requires that everyone respect the individual rights of all other citizens. The connection between the Torah and the Constitution is an important factor that helped Je ws assimilate to America. The Hebrew word â€Å"Brit† translates to the English word covenant, and was the term used for â€Å"circumcision† in the Torah when a covenant was created between God and the descendants of Abraham and Isaac. Jews have always elevated the Torah, as Americans have elevated the Constitution as the ultimate arbiter of conflicts, both moral and political. Rather than a president or a religious leader being acknowledged as the sole source of state power, the written law has provided the guidelines that must beShow MoreRelatedNegative Effects Of The Holocaust1466 Words   |  6 Pagesprevent its occurrence, is he at fault? During and after the Holocaust, citizens of the United States pondered this question in the context of Jewish refugees murdered in Nazi Germany; ultimately, citizens remember this tragic genocide and promise it will not happen again under any circumstances, not only in America, but in other nations as well. Since the Holocau st, leaders and lawmakers in the United States have analyzed the causes that led to this event and designed laws and documents to preventRead MoreThe Creation Of The Jewish State As Part Of Palestine1281 Words   |  6 Pagesthink that United Nations were the one who gave birth to Israel, however in reality the United Nations General Assembly recommended the creation of the Jewish state as part of Palestine. Many events in the Jewish history gave purpose to create Israel. The most important were Zionism and Holocaust, as well as end of the Second World War, where French and British have their influence on Arab world. Genocide of the European Jews was at the horror point and led to the demand for the Jewish State. The processRead MoreTruman and the Creation of Israel Essay1623 Words   |  7 PagesCreation of Israel With the growing pressure for a new state of Israel after the atrocities committed against the Jews in World War Two, President Franklin D Roosevelts adopted a neutral policy towards Palestine. Roosevelt felt like the United States needed complete cooperation from Jews and Muslims before they could get involved. When Roosevelt passed away in April of 1945, Harry Truman was thrown into the presidency of the United States. Along with the ongoing war with Japan and difficultiesRead MoreRussian Jews During The Immigration Era1055 Words   |  5 Pages Russian Jews during the Immigration Era Kiara Sanchez US History Mr. Meyer Period 4 April 11, 2017 Life for the Russian Jewry from the period of 1880 to 1920 was not a life desired by anyone. The Jews were forced to live in harsh conditions, lost their ability to have certain jobs, and faced extreme violence from their neighbors, the Russian peasantry. Escaping to America was the only way they could ever live normal and safe lives. Jews were forced to live in the area known as â€Å"TheRead MoreJewish: The Diploma Project Analysis Essay559 Words   |  3 Pagesto spread the Jewish propaganda and to show the only information which is relevant to the public. Furthermore, they consider that America has become a tool in the hands of the Jews to rebuild the state of Israel and to the enrichment of the Jewish community. They also claim that the whole world is financially dependent from the Jewish nation. All of these statements lead to the fact that Jews are hostile perceived by other nations. The idea of this thesis is to show that the Jewish community largelyRead MoreEssay on The R ecognition of Israel: World War II1483 Words   |  6 PagesNazi control. Many wanted to help these suffering outcasts, so Jewish Zionists suggested the Jews be relocated to Palestine, where they could live in peace away from others(Devine, 1). Britain and President Truman felt sympathetic for the Jews, and decided to help them establish a new Jewish homeland in the Middle East. During the formation of Israel, the U.S. played a big role by establishing a committee, supporting U.N. and Jewish intentions, and recognizing Israel as a country. Although the recognitionRead MoreImmigration and Popular Culture1126 Words   |  5 PagesImmigration and American Popular Culture All of the different ethnic groups that migrated from their homeland to the United States left some kind of mark on American popular culture. The European immigrants during the 1930s created a very large splash in the public eye through the use of cinema. In addition, the Jamaican immigrants in South Bronx during the 1970s made a name for themselves by introducing a form of music called rap. In this paper, I will be analyzing and comparing the similaritiesRead MoreThe United States And The Holocaust1521 Words   |  7 Pagesgenocide, the intentional killing of certain group or ethnicity, that affected the Jewish community worldwide through sorrow and sympathy of their people; and kibitzers who chose to watch until under pressure. A perfect example was the United States who stood on the sidelines, while the horrific events of the Holocaust were occurring. The United States had played a negative role in the Holocaust due to a lack of aid, immigration, and publication. During the Holocaust there was a lack of aid from AmericaRead MoreThe Aftermath Of The Holocaust1048 Words   |  5 PagesFiorella Mr. Whalen: RST 12PH, Period 6 Thesis Project 1 27 October 2015 The Aftermath of the Holocaust Introduction With the end of World War II, came the end of the Holocaust. The aftermath of the Holocaust has had a profound affect on non-Jewish and Jewish survivors who tried to rebuild their lives in society such as the country of Israel gaining statehood. It has changed the way people set up society and the way government functions in certain countries such as Germany following the HolocaustRead MoreThe British s Involvement During The 1947-1948 War Of Independence Essay1471 Words   |  6 Pagessentencing the Jewish people to death and by beginning the 1947-1948 Mandatory Palestine war of independence. The Arab-Israeli conflict roughly began with minor disagreements and altercations since the late 19th century up until present day. Whenever the British got involved in the conflict, something seemed to go wrong. The Arabs were antagonised by the British when the McMahon agreement was not seen through. The White paper, commissioned by the British, created a death sentence for the Jewish people-

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Children Television Free Essays

Anita Westerly Television (TV) can have its own educational and social benefits for many children; it can also be very entertaining and educational in many ways. When children watch positive role models perform respectful acts to others that alone can inspire children to make encouraging and helpful decisions when encountering others. TV awards children the chance to explore the globe through many diverse shows that expand on different countries and places such as Space and the Deep Ocean. We will write a custom essay sample on Children Television or any similar topic only for you Order Now Children can earn about different animals, cultures, and gain exposure to different ideas that may not be available in their own town. However, the reverse also can be true; children may see or hear things on TV that parent’s may not want them to learn. TV can also affect a child’s health, behavior, and family in negative ways through different kinds of behavioral issues. How children learn and retain information, along with the type of programming they watch, can inspire children and adults alike to become more involved with educational shows using flashcards and instructive guides. There are many types of learning styles among children, and to fully understand each type can be very useful for parent’s who want the best for their child’s education. There are three main styles that can describe how most children learn. They include the visual, auditory, and kinesthesia learners. Many children do not learn by using Just one of these categories; they can use all three if this is how they retain information the best. The way a child learns is not decided by children themselves, children will tend to use the style that most naturally comes to them. Many visual learners use pictures, diagrams, and tables to help them fully retain information (Feller Solomon, 2000). Visual learners tend to have very vivid imaginations and learn by seeing pictures or tables; they may also think of things that they encounter or learn each day in an imagery format (Vincent Ross, 2001). An auditory learner may enjoy listening, talking, and carrying on conversations with others on what they are trying to learn or Just remember. With many children, by listening to their Abs’s through a song, they can retain how the alphabet goes much easier. In school, auditory learners can benefit most by listening to their teachers first then repeating pictures in their mind, as do the visual learners, but rather filter incoming information through their listening and repeating skills. An auditory learner is usually very talkative and has difficulty with writing (Vincent ; Ross, 2001). Kinesthesia children choose to engage in hands-on activities that use the sense of touch to learn. For kinesthesia learners to fully understand and retain information presented to them, they must touch, feel or be able to apply the information in some ensue Tao physical activity or object. They tend to take many notes and use pictures to help remember what they learned. Kinesthesia learners also have a very difficult time paying attention and can seem to become uninterested if there is not physical involvement of any kind (Vincent ; Ross, 2001). For example, children tend to learn their shapes faster by physically picking up an object of a certain shape and placing it through the corresponding shapes hole inside a toy box. Visual and kinesthesia learners are similar in that they both use a hands-on approach toward learning by applying what they have learned to an event in their lives or an object that they physically can see or touch. Physical hands-on learning can have its advantages, but it can provide only so much information for children. Reading and being able to fully comprehend what is being read is also a very helpful skill in retaining information. TV shows today offer plenty of educational value with different toys, games, and reading guides for the children to fully comprehend what they are watching. When children spend less time playing outside with their friends and more time in iron of the TV, it can lead to very unhealthy eating habits. â€Å"Eighty-three percent of children from age six months to less than six years view TV or videos about one- hour and 57 minutes a day. TV viewing is a contributing factor in childhood obesity because it may take away from the time children spend doing physical activities; lead to increased energy intake through snacking and eating meals in front of the TV, and, influence children to make unhealthy food choices through exposure to food advertisements† (Obesity and Overweight for Professionals, n. . ). Children can come very impressed by the plethora of colors that a TV displays, while sitting in front of one, a child can become almost too mesmerism’s. Watching two or more hours of television for children younger than two years can have detrimental effects on a child’s attention span, impulsiveness, and restlessness (Alia s, 2004). When toddlers are beginning their adventure into this amazing world, their brains are developing much more rapidly than when they will become adults. This stage is critical to children learning how to walk, associate names with faces, learning words, ND creating social bonds with others. If a child is in front of the Top often these critical developmental skills get overshadowed by TV shows and its effect on a child’s attention abilities. TV by itself, without guides or books, can have very positive effects on a child’s ability to explore many places, animals, or things that cannot be seen otherwise. TV can inspire children to try new activities that could lead to playing a certain sport, instrument, or trying something that they would not try without seeing someone else perform it first. The Olympic Games would be an excellent example of how TV can inspire children to try new activities they would never try before. The Olympics do not happen very often and most often it is not feasible to attend the Games themselves. Another benefit of current TV shows today can motivate the children to read the book first or even inspire adults to challenge their child to read the book before they can attend the theater to see the movie. Whether children watch current media at home or at a relatives/friend’s house, it can benefit children to have parental involvement so that they understand much more efficiently what they are watching. A channel assigned precisely for young children from infancy to preschool can assist educationally with a double influence: censorial perceptual development and an audio visual enrichment of the cultural environment (Finalized, 2012). This can, in many ways, add to the performance of a children’s future education by obtaining higher test scores, making better decisions, and bringing forth greater opportunities in future educational goals such as college. When children regularly watch the same type of educational programming, they can grow a special interest for shows of educational nature further in life, expanding their knowledge base. Channels such as Nick Jar. Have special programming all day long for children of a younger age group, whereas, Nickelodeon offers programming tailored toward an older age group. This can make it much easier for children to find the shows that interest them. When children become interested in what they watch, the information obtained will be much easier to retain for future use. There are three different types of parental mediation that aren’t can use while their children are watching TV. Restrictive Mediation, Shared Viewing, and Instructive Mediation are excellent methods for parent’s to be actively involved with their children’s viewing experience. Restrictive mediation is a method that some parent’s use to restrict the amount of time, type of programming, and forbidden content from their children’s viewing. This method is also helpful for parent’s who like to use TV as a reward/punishment system. Shared viewing is purely just a parent-child viewing experience; whereas, Instructive Mediation refers to a aren’t-child discussion of content (Warren, Egger, Kelly, 2002). With the different types of learning styles identified in most children today, it can become quite difficult for parent’s to be resourcefully involved with their children’s viewing experience. When parent’s fully understand each type of learning style and how their children use those different styles to efficiently and appropriately learn, they can successfully make the viewing experience for their children much more pleasurable and educational for all. Following children’s TV habits is an important detail to keep n mind. How to cite Children Television, Papers

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Life Without Travel Is a Life Unlived free essay sample

A Life Without Travel, is a Life Unlived ‘The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page,’ said St Augustine. I’ve always had a love for travel, give me the resources and point me in a direction and I’m there. ? Just the other week, I had the opportunity to visit one of the largest cities in the world: Hong Kong. That opportunity came to me when I was on my way to work. I got phone call from a friend who just found out about a promo for Cebu Air Pacific for flights to Hong Kong. She asked me if I wanted in. Without any hesitation I said yes! Before even knowing when the dates are, I said yes. That was three months ago. I never had any regret for that decision . We left Baguio around midnight for the long trip to the Diosdado Macapagal Airport. We will write a custom essay sample on Life Without Travel Is a Life Unlived or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page We were excited, eager. We didn’t sleep the whole 4 and a half hour trip. Our flight was scheduled 9 am. We arrived 3 hours early. Yeah, were were excited. After that 3 hour wait and a two hour flight, touchdown Hong Kong! It’s funny that the travel from here to the airport was twice as long as compared to the time going to another country. After clearing customs and swooping our packs, the first thing we did was get something called an Octopus card. The octopus card is Hong Kong’s Universal way of paying for transportation fare. It’s very convenient. You just swipe your card and you can hop on anything. Buses, subways, ferries, trams, you name it. So with that we took a super efficient train right into the heart of Hong Kong. After a 30 minute ride and a few stops, We stepped off the air conditioned train and we were instantly awed by what we saw. There are thousands of people out on the streets shopping, eating and drinking and every street is lit up with electric signs and florescent lights with the classic Asian energy. Our first destination , even before dropping off our bags, was Ngong Ping village, the location of the Giant Buddha. The village is a culturally themed attraction with lots arts and music and you really get a feel for their traditions and culture. Visiting the Giant Buddha was the highlight of the experience that can only be reached by climbing up a 300 hundred step hill. The whole experience took the whole day. After that it was time to head into Hong Kong. The actual city of Hong Kong is built on a small island and for new development–the only place to go, is up. The entire city is covered with monster skyscrapers, huge hotels and super-malls. Transportation is super easy, everything is detailed in both Cantonese and English so it would be very hard to get lost. There’s plenty to see here: experiences of endless shopping, big-city nightlife and delicious dim sum are to be had. Visitors can find both colonial history and modern architecture. Its open society allows many different cultures to flourish and you would see a lot of nationalities there. You would not be surprised to see a lot of fellow kababayans walking around. The second day was spent in DisneyLand. Even though people say its one of the smaller Disneylands, I was still impressed. The first time I saw the Disney castle in the horizon I felt like a kid again. We got to ride all the rides, experience all the shows. It much better than I expected, lots to do there, it took up the whole day. The evening fireworks was unforgettable, with each explosion timed perfectly with the music. Everyone had their mouths open. I can say that, even if we’re grown up and all it still is a magical experience. The third day was for Ocean park. This was a fun filled day out and very good value for money! As well as the obvious scary rides. There was a ride there that when you were in strapped to the roller coaster the floor would disappear and have you ride around and around. Unforgettable. We were lucky enough to see the Pandas at feeding time and it was a wonderful experience to be so close to them. I loved the aquarium, where you can see and watch a whole eco system live in there, with thousands of fishes, sting rays, sharks and all kinds of sea life mingle with each other. With live dolphin shows, tons of stuff to see and do. I think this was my favorite place there. Day four was the day we had to go home. As we were leaving the skylines of Hong Kong, I cant shake of the feeling that it was all worth it. Between budgets and busy schedules, it is not always easy to set aside time and plan a getaway. But as Mark Twain has said, â€Å"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So come out of your comfort zone. Explore. Dream. Discover. †